Company CHEMOBUD - manufacturer of refractory offers the comprehensive delivery of all necessary refractory products, and we are manufacturers of construction chemistry , chemistry Economic and dystybutorem water glass solution R-145.


  • We supply a specified address within the set deadline.
  • Transport of materials is free
  • Products are arranged on wooden pallets, wrapped in foil tape and shrink.

    Our offer includes:
  • universal primer BG 90,
  • super ground BG 91
  • filler aperture
  • sodium water-glass R-145
  • washing liquids naczyć Verni and Plumer
  • liquid soaps and Verni Plumer



  • Each consignment contains clearance confirming compliance of quality control of physico-chemical parameters and dimensional tolerances of products standards by accepting orders for execution.
  • We are open to any inquiry from you regarding our products.


At your disposal are our employees, both in the company's office and on the ground.


We want our customers has always been happy.